Multistrike SupportAttack, Melee, Support Icon: 3. Mana Multiplier: %Requires Level 38Per 1% Quality: % increased Melee Physical DamageSupported  ‎ Skill functions and · ‎ Gem level progression · ‎ Quest reward. But poison can stack, so Multistrike is still really good w.r.t. poisoning. ya i know initial hit will do less damage cuz GGG says "if Poison is linked. multistrike Übersetzung, Englisch - Deutsch Wörterbuch, Siehe auch 'multistorey', multistage',multistory',multitrack'.


Path of Exile: MULTISTRIKE Support First Impressions & Guide (Patch 0.10.5)

Multistrike - eine Einzahlung

This affects Lightning Strike's projectiles which were not intended to have no penalty with this support gem. Fix a bug where Shield Charge Shield Charge Attack , AoE , Movement , Melee Mana Cost: Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Navigation menu Views Article Discussion Edit History. Multistrike no longer gains increased damage per gem level. For the spell variant of this gem, view Spell Echo Support Spell Echo Support SpellDie besten flash spiele Icon: Posted by TheMaker51 on May 31, Retrieved from " https: There are a few other skills that show average damage per hit instead of damage per second. I hear people say Multistrike is need for so many things. So you're getting a decent dps multiplier that works on all damage you do for a modest mana hit. multistrike