Sun makers dr who

sun makers dr who

The Doctor meets the Collector, the evil overlord of the humans on Planet Pluto. Will Leela awaken in time to. Adventure · The Tardis lands on Pluto in the far future. Instead of being a lifeless rock, there's scented air, massive buildings, six suns, a human population. All about Classic Doctor Who story - The Sun Makers - The Doctor takes on the tax system. Leela's sent to be steamed. - Index.

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Not knowing about this change in fortunes, Leela, Cordo and K9 attack the Correction Centre to try to rescue the Doctor. The man, Bisham , tells the Doctor that he is in the Induction Therapy Section of the Correction Centre and has been for about an hour. The Usurians are aware of the Time Lords and Gallifrey , having graded the former as Grade 3, of low potential commercial development, in their "latest market survey. It took on a political note with writer Robert Holmes outing his dislike of the Inland Revenue 's taxation. Robert Holmes and Anthony Read both uncredited. Short Trips Decalogs Doctor Who annuals Dalek annuals Brief Encounter. Leela is then taken away.


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It is however impossible to imagine K9 having worked in the context of one of the gothic horror stories produced by Philip Hinchcliffe, and its adoption as a regular in this season gives a good indication of the lighter, more fantastical quality that the series took on under Graham Williams. CELEBS Born Today Celebrity News Most Popular Celebs PHOTOS Latest Stills Latest Posters Photos We Love. The Doctor misquotes Das Kapital 'What've we got to lose? Leela is strapped to a trolley by the Collector's guards and rolled into a condensation chamber to face death by steaming. Add the first question. Doctor Who Episoden , Stories Vierter Doctor , Stories Leela , und 2 weiteren Stories K9 Fernsehepisoden von